Twitter Updates for 2009-07-29
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  • Lazyweb: anybody know if google voice will call you (aka GV user) at an intl number so others can call you by calling a domestic number? #
  • 10:16:26:15:33 … Oh happy day! #
  • This explains why my coverage is so bad at my house. Apparently “good” really means “lots of dropped calls” #
  • Feels weird having been at the office, left to go to the GA campus, and then back again all before 8am. New schedule should rock though! #
  • This makes baby jesus cry… Come on now Apple, you seriously aren’t this idiotic are you? Tell me someone has some sense! #
  • This looks like a pretty kick ass replacement for iCal. Too bad it doesn’t support MS Exchange directly. #
  • @VxJasonxV Yes. My issue isn’t 3G related. I am on the cusp of several towers and depending on which I am on determines quality/strength. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @SolveLLC Ummm? Say what? They aren’t removing it from people’s phone who have it installed, just not allowing you to get it from AppStore. in reply to SolveLLC #
  • @VxJasonxV I’ve experimented with that without much results. When it picks up the “bad” tower it’s 0-1 bar EDGE. When “good” it’s 5 bar 3G. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @SteveStreza Um.. without air or some other restrictive medium there is no “terminal velocity” and furthermore where do you get the high Gs? in reply to SteveStreza #
  • First full day of new schedule. Being home at 5pm is so much WIN even if that means I’m awake at 5am, especially if I’m woke up like today! #
  • Debating on putting on a swim suit and going to the pool for a bit. Either that or going for a run. Followers poll, which should I choose? #
  • Just got back from doing laps in the pool. My left ear plugged up for some reason and for the life of me won’t pop. Very annoying! Ears FAIL #
  • Tenderloin steak w/ grilled squash + onions and mashed sweet potatoes. Now that’s what I call a good dinner! Add in a fresh mint Mojito FTW! #

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