Twitter Updates for 2009-07-28
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  • Went to bed early in an attempt to start the week off with decent sleep and yet I guess my brain will have none of that business. #
  • Was so looking forward to yoga but was just reminded I have a work related dinner tonight in Palo Alto in the middle of my class (6:30pm). #
  • I hate having meetings in building E/F/G. Always forget its a half mile walk and then show up late. #
  • . @yaypie I’d really love that, but the walk doesn’t bother me. The walk is good exercise, just need to allow for enough time to not be late in reply to yaypie #
  • Just sent an email to a wide audience which likely will entice a _ton_ of replies. Might turn off work email notifications on my iPhone :P #
  • @pixelarchitect you looked a little off your step when I almost ran you over a little bit ago. I have plans or I’d offer to buy first round! in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • Made it to Palo Alto much faster than I planned so going for a walk around downtown to kill time before my dinner meeting. #
  • @thekarladam I see your 9.1 MB/sec and raise you to 10.9 MB/sec. Dang non-gigE port. in reply to thekarladam #
  • OH: “I got my daughter a Google Voice number of her own and she’s not two years old yet” #
  • This day was surprising on many levels. Amazing a day which started the way it did could end in such sweet bliss. Time to dream! Night all! #

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