Twitter Updates for 2009-07-27
Category: Twitter

  • Totally not digging the dream I woke up from a while ago. Doubt I’ll find meaning in it anytime soon. Oddest mashup of people in it ever! #
  • OMG, Apple you have so lost it! Installed update to Mobile Foto (iPhone Flickr client) and got adult content warning. Say what!? Seriously!? #
  • Just devoured some yummy BBQ at @mrhalzy place. Now enjoying some fun time playing with his kids. Might jump in the pool soon. #
  • It was 103 on the dash when I got in the car, now down to 97 after getting out of the sun. #
  • Did the most crazy high speed dizzying spin midair skydiving today. Really hope it came out well in the video. #
  • Not sure it’s possible for me to feel like more of a jerk. Trying to decide on the best way to make it up to the person I was so rude to. :( #

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