Twitter Updates for 2009-07-25
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  • Kickass Flickr video of me flying at iFly SF Bay last weekend: Many more on Youtube: & #
  • I think that coredump is a sign that I should be in bed. [redacted] inability to comprehend even basic English has me nearly in tears anyway #
  • Note to self: “Good sleep, then coffee” is so much better than the reverse “coffee, more coffee, face plant into keyboard”. Must remember #
  • Not sure why I’m bright eyed awake & all giggly happy this morning (full week of sleep deprevation back firing?), but not complaining either #
  • RT @jsjohnst we need to get you a girlfriend.. you spend waaay too much time working (via @pixelarchitect) — Anyone up to the challenge? :P #
  • I nominate this tweet to be tweet of the day, but I might be biased I guess. #
  • Debating on plans for the weekend. Doubt it will be possible to top the awesomeness of last weekend for a few weeks, but worth trying anyway #
  • Floating among happy clouds. Just need to write more code and today will be a perfect work day. Why can’t all days be this full of awesome? #
  • Enjoying dinner on the patio at Xanh in Mountain View. Coworker stole my dinner choice by ordering first so had to scramble for replacement. #
  • Umm… I think I should have gotten a half order. Wow so much food! #xanh #mountainview #Vietnamese #
  • Note to self, careful going to Ikea with drunk friends. Can’t trust the “will this fit” response you get. #
  • Video of me trying to fly on my back last weekend at iFly SF Bay: Amazing how much harder it is than flying on your belly. #

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