Twitter Updates for 2009-07-23
Category: Twitter

  • Pondering what earthly reason would cause one to release a v1.2 of an app, now with push :) , and not mention it in release notes. So “odd” #
  • My milk with a hint of coffee is gone. Enough daydreaming on various topics, time to get ready to head to the office and do that work thing. #
  • Not a huge fan of Elliott Yamin, but thinking I’m going to head downstairs to MoTG over lunch today to get back into taking “fun” photos. #
  • Man I love my Canon 5DMkII so much more with the new firmware. Check out this video of Elliott Yamin performing today: #
  • Photos are now online from the Music on the Green lunch event today at Yahoo! featuring Elliott Yamin. Check them out! #

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