Twitter Updates for 2009-07-13
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  • Flying on your back is _so_ much harder than your stomach. No wonder Superman always flew face down. #
  • About to do something insanely stupid to be doing by myself, but nobody around and I want to get it done. Wish my back good luck please! #
  • Just dead lifted a 36″ Sony Wega CRT TV that weighs more than I do off it’s stand & moved it out of the living room. That TV is a heavy SOB! #
  • Wonder what the neighbors thought of the loud grunting followed by the yelp of pain when it crushed my finger setting it down on the dolley. #
  • ???? Law: The more u own of something the less likely u are to find it when u need it. Example: fiber optic cable. I own >2k ft, 0 found :( #
  • Headlamp, check. Rope, check. Time to head down to subterranean storage to find me some stranded glass. Send food if no tweet by morning. :) #
  • For those of you were thought I was joking, photo of me below ground looking up out of the hole. #
  • Found a TOSlink cable & now everything is hooked up. Looking at the result, it was definitely worth the effort, even if it’s only temporary. #
  • I really wish [redacted] would let me configure how long the timeout is before it signs me out and stops sending push notifications to me. #
  • @codinghorror You know of any other Mac which has a similar form factor and weight? Elitism has nothing to do with it, size matters to some. in reply to codinghorror #
  • Interesting so many iPhone developers bitch about not having multiple test devices. Pay the $200 AAPL tax + $40/m AT&T FP robbery already :| #
  • Gonna go curl up in bed and read “Joy of TeX”. Hoping I don’t fall asleep to quickly and can get a chunk read, but I am pretty tired tonight #

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