Twitter Updates for 2009-07-08
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  • Today is gonna be fun! Getting up earlier to walk to shut off alarm, nearly collapsed to the floor with pain in my legs. Need to stretch! #
  • Thinking I will pack my gym clothes today. I need to run another 5k tonight like I did on Sunday. Whip these legs into submission somehow :) #
  • @cheesycons Gotta love how it’s advertising for Progressive car insurance on the side of the car. :) in reply to cheesycons #
  • OH: “PG&E – Profit Gathering Enterprise” … oh so true! thankfully I’m lucky enough to not have them as my power company raping me for cash #
  • Does anybody know if there is a rhyme or reason to the ordering of your short friends list (the 6 people) on your profile page in Facebook? #
  • Not sure how I am going to run with the shape my legs are in but leaving to do it anyway. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right!? #
  • @thirdplacepro it’s not the “ow! quick, call a medic!” type pain, it’s the “WTF are you doing to me, I’m a geek not an athlete” pain. in reply to thirdplacepro #
  • Just did another 5k and a bit more. Slower pace though, barely kept it under 45m tho. .75 miles @ 6.5mph, 1m @ 6mph, 1m @ 5mph, .75m @ 4mph. #
  • Loving my tweet cloud right now. Three biggest ones are:


    it’sin order. Kinda funny if you say it out loud. hehe #

  • Feeling stupid for hating PB all these years. Once I got over the “I hated this since I was a little kid”, I’m actually finding PB enjoyable #
  • Not digging the concept of a web browser as the OS of the future. Course that makes it all the more likely 2 happen based on my track record #
  • I am digging the fact my employer has a clear sense of direction lately, quite unlike certain companies a couple miles north. I <3 Carol! #
  • Tomorrow looks miserable with meetings. Already booked from 10am-2pm and 3pm-5pm. Got something at 5am to look forward to though. :) #
  • Apparently w/o knowing it before hand, this tweet got the honors of being # 6,000: Not a bad one for the occasion I guess! #

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