Twitter Updates for 2009-07-07
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  • When one is sitting in bed sending work emails at 4am there is something wrong with this picture. Might as well shower & head to the office. #
  • This Flickr Explore photo is so waiting for some LOLcat action. Who’s going to be first to step up to the plate? #
  • @jamiei Awesome idea! Here’s a slight variation: “MAH TRIBUTEY 2 MJ, DOIN TEH THRILLR ZOMBEE DANS!” in reply to jamiei #
  • @fastest963 I’d be highly surprised _any_ short codes work. Are you telling me some do with Google Voice? in reply to fastest963 #
  • @fastest963 As I suspected: I would have been VERY shocked had they supported any short codes as no online service does. in reply to fastest963 #
  • @fastest963 I cant find any place to confirm it but I think it’s a policy of some sort that only physical devices can send SMS 2 short codes in reply to fastest963 #
  • I need someone 2 come & identify the body sitting at my desk. There is no way it can be “me” as _I_ wouldnt be caught dead eating PB&J toast #
  • Delanie punished me for not being in yoga past two weeks. If there was a muscle not sore already from last night it’s definitely sore now! #
  • Boy howdy, the macro on the iPhone 3GS really is improved. People ain’t lying when they say it’s better! #
  • Hmm. Just got notice Google is settling a class action suit I’m apparently part of. Wonder how much money I’m gonna get out of this. :) #
  • @pixelarchitect my thoughts exactly. :| in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • Going to go the hospital. I must have some terminal illness if my brain thinks this is a actually edible #
  • Call me a unoriginal copycat all you like, I am _SO_ doing this next time I got on a trip somewhere: This freaking ROCKS! #

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