Twitter Updates for 2009-07-04
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  • Google Apps for domains (specifically Gmail) FAIL for everyone lately, or just me? Timeouts, errors, etc. Time to find a new IMAP server. :( #
  • . @newmindgroup Hope this doesn’t come off as too rude, but what the f$@# would ever give you the impression I would be an Outlook user? in reply to newmindgroup #
  • I would take Mutt and Lynx as my primary Internet tools over Outlook & IE any day of the week without ever flinching for a second. MS FAIL! #
  • @newmindgroup :) .. Good, glad you could take that reply with a grain of salt as intended. in reply to newmindgroup #
  • Reading the first paragraph of this blog post, one could think it was written by me. Exactly what I say about the topic! #
  • One would think in ‘09 using modern computers you would be able to have a phone call without consuming all your dang CPU. #skype #ichat #yim #

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