Twitter Updates for 2009-06-29
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  • Back is the USA. Howdy San Francisco! Been a while. Miss me? #
  • Trying to figure out where I can buy a furnace filter at 8:30pm on a Sunday. Anybody got an idea? #
  • Thanks to everyone suggesting Wal-Mart, was hoping to not have to drive so far. California late evening/night shopping is FAIL! #
  • According to my car, in the 18hrs before I departed for Hong Kong I drove 370.1 miles. Didn’t realize 3.5 RTs to Berkeley was that far. #
  • Backing up my iPhone in preparation to upgrade to my 3GS. Been anxious to do this for 9 days now (since it arrived in CA) & finally get to! #
  • I think iTunes knows I am only doing this backup solely so I can swap sims with the new phone, thus it’s taking its sweet ass time about it. #
  • I now have enough United frequent flyer miles to get at least 2 tickets to anywhere in the world that they fly or 7 domestic tickets. Hmm. #
  • More photos from my bungee jump in Macau at the Guinness World Record Highest Commercial Bungee Jump location: #

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