Twitter Updates for 2009-06-28
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  • Zaia was good, but not my favorite Cirque. Now headed to hotel to change clothes for tonight + send overdue emails to important people. ;) #
  • For those wanting to see photos sooner rather than later, here’s 2 low quality shots (sorry, net sux here) I uploaded: #
  • Boy I’m going to make some people back home really happy with what I just bought to take home. That means you @cheesycons (among others).  #
  • Just got email from vimeo saying that my jump video is online. 1st one to find the video & email me who I hoped to see after the jump wins. #
  • Left birthday party #2 after making a fool out of myself doing karaoke. Now at the D2 disco about to make a bigger fool of myself dancing. #
  • Every guy in the club was just staring at me & going “WTF!? How is this funky white boy who can’t dance got such a huge entourage with him” #
  • Just got a crash course in the mirangue (sp?) & still suck (my opinion, partner says otherwise). I really need to take dance lessons I think #
  • Back at the hotel, physically exhausted from so much dancing. I think I showed noticeable improvement tonight, need to do it more often. :) #
  • Waiting to board ferry for HK. Bit disappointed, but also looking forward to being home. Anyone able to pick me up at SFO Sunday at 9am? #
  • In China, TCO for an iPhone 3G (phone+18 months service w/ 2200 monthly minutes and unlimited SMS and data) is only $650. FU very much AT&T! #
  • @pixelarchitect which airline? Etihad Airways 1st / business class is killer, IMHO. in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • Sitting at the gate. One hour until boarding. Seriously doubt I’ll stay awake that long especially since lady at counter promised to wake me #
  • On board flight for SFO. “smoke” (really just water vapor) is billowing like crazy from all of the vents. Water dripping on my head. #
  • @lightsnoise ahh man! You’re in town and I’m not! How much longer are you guys in town? Any more SF area shows? in reply to lightsnoise #
  • Are there any iPhone twitter clients with push yet? If not, any of the popular client devs want scaleable backend for one? Willing to help. #
  • Scheduled departure time is 11:45am. Was going to leave early at 11:35 (told at checkin), now 11:55 and still not left. Hurry up already! #

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