Twitter Updates for 2009-06-27
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  • Tried to take a photo of my hotel room for this tweet but the iPhone can’t zoom out enough.  Friends & Family rate rules! #Venetian #Macau #
  • @fraserspeirs the motorola S9 headphones work pretty well with the iPhone. Annoyed Apple half assed A2DP and didn’t do AVRCP support too. in reply to fraserspeirs #
  • About to go do that party thing. Good thing as the hotel internet was about to really annoy me. 500kb up/down internet for $160/night. WTF!? #
  • Anybody got any clue why I can post tweets when phone is on GPRS but not emails (even short ones) or tweets with photos? Always times out.  #
  • Party moving indoors as typhoon is now S3 supposedly. Now playing RPS over who gets the cashews at the bar w/ a bunch of women while waiting #
  • OMG! I just got a personalized birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to by a crowd of people. Macanese hospitality is simply amazing! #
  • Ok, now that I was shock and awed, time to go make a fool of myself on the dance floor. Wish me luck in hoping there’s no cameras watching. #
  • Such an awesome birthday party last night with surprise cake and a chorus of Happy Birthday singers too! Photo of cake: #
  • The weather looks like it just might be possible to jump off the side of a 760ft tall building. Mixed feelings. Yeah nervous excited-ness! #
  • Holy f$&)ing sh$t!!!! Just standing on the glass looking down has me nearly pissing my pants. It’s SO FAR DOWN! #
  • Im standing at the edge of one of those crucial life decisions. Do I go for it & jump 233m off the world’s highest bungy jump or chicken out #
  • Ok. Fuck it. I’m gonna do it. Fear is merely a reminder that your not dead yet. #
  • I think they have a live webcam, search for Macau bungee jump to find the site. Otherwise I’m buying DVD and photos. #
  • All suited up in safety harnesses. I’m so insanely petrified that I’m shaking. I love you [too long a list, but mom/dad/sis/gpa/gma/etc]!!! #
  • OMG! OMG! Canz I does againz? Please please please!! #
  • Most awesome adrenaline rush! Im going to do it again tonight I think doing a night jump. I’m now “part of the club” and thus it’s cheap now #
  • My timing was superb, it’s now pouring down rain. Had I chickened out a half hour longer I would have likely had to not go. #
  • Now eating egg tarts & drinking watermelon juice trying to decide if this isn’t really heaven. Yeah the egg tarts here are really that good! #
  • Funny info: after jumping I went back to the observation deck on 58 floor. Looking straight down through glass floor still had major vertigo #
  • Fear of heights just sent me a message: “you may have won today’s battle, but you still haven’t conquered me yet. I’ll have my revenge!” #
  • To all who asked, I bought the DVD and all the photos so will be posting online Sunday night pacific time. Macau bandwidth is FAIL. #
  • Now seated in great seats at Zaia (Cirque Du Soleil) for 5pm show. All wet from just getting back from the A-Ma temple in _pouring_ rain.  #

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