Twitter Updates for 2009-06-25
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  • Hong Kong has the best cell reception on the planet. Always fast 5 bar 3G even on top mountains and underwater in subways. Screw you AT&T!! #
  • I just climbed 6750 feet in the Day in the Cloud challenge. How did you do? #dayinthecloud #
  • #dayinthecloud is so freaking lame. I _KNOW_ I got 2 of the 2500 point questions right and it didn’t score them. Freaking Dvorak Grapefruit! #
  • @poplifegirl I find that really hard to believe. 11% is a very high percentage for something like this. in reply to poplifegirl #
  • Man it irritates me when I go into an Asian restaurant & they give me a damn fork. It’s like going to a nice place & getting a plastic spork #
  • @mthomas thanks! Wait till you see the big batch I’ve not posted yet! Just don’t stay at Eaton Hotel, was soso, tonight they turned to shit. in reply to mthomas #
  • Lesson of the day, when you want something simple, quick, and cheap to eat don’t do the old adage & pick two, instead pick zero of the three #
  • @rckenned happens to me a lot in the US. I may be Caucasian, but that doesn’t mean I’m inept with anything other than a shovel with prongs. in reply to rckenned #
  • @mdhughes I’m tempted to start carrying my own and if they give me a fork, I use my chopstix to fling the food back at them. (j/k of course) in reply to mdhughes #
  • U picked up my plate, u picked up my empty drink glass, I asked u for a check, what part of me sitting here 15m later waiting is acceptable? #
  • @rckenned there’s a ton of people in the world who don’t know how to properly use a fork but does that mean we hand foreigners kiddy spoons? in reply to rckenned #
  • Why is it I always feel like crap after being forced to complain to a manager (just to get a bill!) even when it’s not my fault they suck. #
  • I will be the President of the United Federation of Planets sometime in the 23rd century and will live to be 333 years old. #
  • Sorry, I just had a friend DM me and claim anything written in a tweet had to be true, so I wanted to prove her wrong. #
  • This is so wrong, but oh so hilarious! #passiveaggressive #vegan #carnivore #
  • “fly free for a year” == “12 one-way tickets” Seriously!? I’ve flown that many times already this year and it’s only June! #dayinthecloud #
  • [ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] = 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo ‘CLICK!’

    #geek #russianroulette
    (via @a) #

  • Before I go on a long rant over webdevs doing shoddy work at major websites & can’t even get basics right, I think I’m going to head to bed. #
  • @awormus That’s a copout excuse. There’s always a way to fix bugs/issues if the employees actually give a shit about the site they work on in reply to awormus #
  • @mantia In case no one else mentioned it, I think your compelled to use the CHOCKLOCK for a while now thanks to his help. in reply to mantia #
  • I hope this woman makes millions off this idea. It’s pure genius. Why has nobody ever thought of this before? #
  • @awormus If ur employer doesn’t care about safety & won’t allocate any money to it, do u help ur coworker when they fall & break their arm? in reply to awormus #
  • @geefunk3 You loose your phone number then though. :( When is your equipment upgrade eligibility date? Is it after September 30th? in reply to geefunk3 #
  • @mdhughes They did say what happened on the dev list. @mantia participated in too many trending topics in a short period of time. in reply to mdhughes #
  • @pixelarchitect Wow! I’d expect to see ads like that in Europe, but not in the US. That is hilarious. (re: for others) in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • @mantia Me neither, sounded mighty fishy to me, but most things about Twitter’s internals are. in reply to mantia #
  • If this article on health care is the normal quality level of articles in The New Yorker I need to read it much more often #
  • Repacking my suitcase in preparation to leave Hong Kong. Macau, I’ll see you soon!  #
  • Waiting to board ferry to Macau. Luggage definitely got heavier in HK. Something about family/friends not traveling with you causes that. #
  • @bmf normally I would be totally up for one, but I’m going to be in Macau.  in reply to bmf #
  • @bmf me too…  as fun as a road trip is, I’d much rather be here. in reply to bmf #
  • @geefunk3 could try this: sign up for new line of service, then cancel it w/ $175 ETF, then use new phone with old account. Save $25 keep #. in reply to geefunk3 #
  • Why does it not surprise me I’m in the middle of HK bay not near land and still have fast 5 bar 3G? AT&T can’t even service my apt this well #
  • Hello Macau! #

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