Twitter Updates for 2009-06-24
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  • First course: Zhen Jiang pork, pork tenderloin wrapped cucumber, and jelly fish with onions and cucumbers #
  • Second course: Double broiled “Jin Shan” premium shark’s fin soup w/ fresh crab meat. #
  • Fourth course: Braised Australian Abalone #
  • Fifth course: Braised assorted veggies with bamboo piths & Jin hua ham served in paper fan shape #
  • Dessert: Deep Fried pumpkin dumplings with custard. #
  • Had to battle torrential rain, but finally got night photo/video I wanted. Utterly exhausted now after long day, so cabbing it back to hotel #
  • Hard to believe this photo is from an iPhone 3G (not S). Quite awesome if I do say so myself considering. #
  • Sweetness! I had seen this on before but never on Now I just need to finish the book already :( #
  • 1080p HD Video from atop Victoria Peak at night overlooking all the skyscrapers in Central Hong Kong Island. (Vimeo link) #
  • Intermediate but some talented beginners could leverage it to their advantage. I’m betting even some advanced peeps could learn scaling tips #
  • Decided I couldn’t let @julie_anna have all the macro fun, so throwing in a photo from yesterday into the judging ring. #
  • HOLY CRAP THIS ROCKS! – Video: Awesome 3D work. A Macbook transforms into a small plane. (via @clint) #
  • Somehow I can completely and totally associate with this comic. I wonder why… :) #
  • @mhedstrom Insanely frustrating that even today we still dont have an easy way to disable that shitty behavior in most (all?) major browsers in reply to mhedstrom #
  • SWEET DEMO! – “in our OpenGL ES testing the 3GS is generally close to four times faster than the 3G” (via @codinghorror) #
  • @stroughtonsmith I’ve not had a strong desire to JB since before last summer. Now realizing that JB time is coming again thx to u & stacks in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • Decided last night on my next hack project. Seems the Find My iPhone stuff is available as a JSON feed, so going to build an app for it. :D #
  • Coworker tried to talk me into going bungee jumping in Macau on my bday. Almost was talked into it then learned it’s highest one in world :( #
  • Can’t believe I made all the way down Nathan without being solicited even once to buy a rolex or custom suit. Normally can’t make it 1 block #
  • In the tube headed towards Lantau Island. Not sure why, but this has always been my favorite form of public transit. Efficient & convenient. #
  • Ahhh! To be a young kid again with such youthful innocense. #
  • In a glass bottomed cable lift by myself on a windy day. Fear of heights be damned! #
  • I now feel like the fat cartoon panda in Kung Fu Panda. So far up it seems. Must run up to prove worthy! #

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