Twitter Updates for 2009-06-23
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  • @jamiei Agreed I am not “sympathetic” to @perezhilton, but saying what happened (if it even did) was deserved or justifiable is wrong, IMHO. in reply to jamiei #
  • Amazed. So many saying it’s ok to assault a guy who’s “just” a royal jerk to celebs!? Even if turns out it didn’t happen u should be ashamed #
  • Woke up to phone ringing & made mistake of checking work email. I swear I get to much email I want to respond to. Now headed back to bed. #
  • Decided to go “non-local” for breakfast today and instead have one of my all time faves, eggs benedict. Interested to see how it compares. #
  • Was rainy this morning, but the clouds have parted mostly now. Super excited! #
  • @cheesycons totally different taste, but yeah, SO much better. I posted more photos on Flickr btw. ;) in reply to cheesycons #
  • Eggs Benedict was good, but I’ve had much better. Sauce is supposed to be runny, no? #
  • Hotel suite, private tour guide, & parties are now all confirmed for weekend! Gonna be an awesome birthday, just wish friends/fam were here. #
  • Riding the tram up to Victoria Peak!! So extremely steep! #
  • Drawback to using such a large pro looking camera? Everybody thinks you can do good and asks you to take their photo. Actually has been fun! #
  • “I canz sez iz haz no fear hites no mo!?”. Haha! This would make one hell of a badass base jump!! #
  • Does anyone know if the cellular data counter on an iPhone is accurate? If so I need to stop worrying about turning off 3G when not using it #
  • @VxJasonxV even if it’s off by an order of magnitude I’ll still probably be under my 200mb of INTL data at the end of the week at this rate. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • I got suckered into paying another photog to take my picture and print it 4 me. Turned out nice I think! #
  • According to the weather it’s 90 degrees F and 3,339.42% humidity outside today, yet not sweating as bad. Must be acclimating finally. Yeah! #
  • Just jogged / ran from the top of Victoria Peak all the way down. My legs are J E L L O now! Getting on a tour bus now to regain strength. #
  • Turned Macguyver & wripped up a poncho to make a camera rainshield much 2 the amusement of 2 women on bus #
  • OMGWTFBBQ!? Just saw a street sign saying iPhone 3G for $0 w/ contract and HK$298 w/o. That seriously can’t be right can it? Say it ain’t so #
  • @pixelarchitect since you did such an amazing job of making me jealous with your dinner the other day, I’m going to return favor tonight.  in reply to pixelarchitect #

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