Twitter Updates for 2009-06-22
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  • Other countries make me laugh. You’d never see a street vendor selling sex toys _right_ next to one selling Hello Kitty kids toys in the US. #
  • I think every bank in Hong Kong has their own currency. I’ve got five $100 bills & each one is unique in some way and from a different bank. #
  • @mattgemmell Man, that’s hilarious. Actually there was a smelly pickled fish stand and a knife vendor on either side of them, so very close! in reply to mattgemmell #
  • @jamiei Put it to you this way, the delicious ramen, side of grilled beef and garlic chips, and tea was only $33 HK (aka about $4.25). in reply to jamiei #
  • If the United States had as many people per square mile as Hong Kong does, I bet we would have over a trillion citizens easily. #
  • Is it so common place in HKG to put burning items in the mailboxes that they need legal warnings on them? #
  • I’ve died and gone to bacon lover’s heaven!  This gourmet bakkwa from Bee Cheng Hiang is oral exstacy!  #
  • @poplifegirl It’s asian pork “jerky”. It has the toughness of chewy bacon and a similar taste to bacon in a way, but no, it’s not “bacon”. in reply to poplifegirl #
  • Posted a handful of iPhone photos from HK to Facebook. If you’re not a FB friend of mine, here’s your incentive (as meager as that is). :P #
  • It’s already Monday where I’m at, but Happy Father’s day to all fathers, but more especially my own! #
  • @ohadpr you should book a flight! No time better than the present, especially because the economy is making airfare so attractively priced. in reply to ohadpr #
  • Interesting take on Iranian elections. I still support choice, though, even if both choices are bad. (link via @hagus) #
  • Another interesting take on the Iranian elections. Is the US really that different than Iran when it comes to elections? #
  • My mom just reminded me that I’m an utter failure as a photog for not taking a specific photo last week. I need to turn in my cameras now :( #
  • @ChadScott That’s almost worse to say. You basically just implied all those other people are more important than @BernadetteBalla is. :) in reply to ChadScott #
  • Heavy rain put a damper on this morning’s activities, but I’m happy to see it clearing up a bit now. Still awesome day none the less anyway. #
  • Realizing that there are a lot of topics I used to be very knowledgeable on that Ive _completely_ forgot over the years. Not a good thing :( #
  • Been contemplating all afternoon about something I wanted to do and finally got up the courage to just do it. Ashamed it took me so long. #

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