Twitter Updates for 2009-06-21
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  • All checked into first hotel in Hong Kong. Surprised how many people speak really good English here and are _so_ friendly. HKG rocks so far! #
  • Wish it wasn’t so dark already. Got a 10th floor ocean view room staring out into mostly pitch black darkness other than the occasional boat #
  • Apparently my memory of F2C is failing me. Set hotel thermostat to 17.5° (thinking that was ~70°F, not <64°) and come back to a meat locker. #
  • Spent a good chunk of my flight to HKG asleep but despite that still tired. Think I am going to read more of “The Shack” and call it a night #
  • Was hoping to wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean this morning. Sadly didnt happen but next best thing did. Mega thunderstorm! FTW #
  • Hmm… Wondering how I can rig up the camera to get a photo of all this awesome lightning. The thick fog is causing a lot of ambient light. #
  • Not sure if it’s cuz the storm lifted or just that it’s now after 7am, but a fairly constant stream of airplanes now passing by my window. #
  • Sign of a good hotel: When planes are constantly passing & you don’t notice until you look out the window #
  • Oh Noes! Just found out one of the largest camera stores in the world is next to hotel I am staying at later this week. Must have willpower! #
  • Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – #
  • Ok, enough photo geeking on the airport island. Time to check out from the hotel and move west a bit over to Hong Kong. #
  • Gotta love hotels which use a wifi service that have roaming agreements with hotspot providers I use back stateside. Free hotel wifi FTW! #
  • @Clarko You should try adding a touch of Crème de Cerise (or Cherry Marnier works too) on top of that Frangelico. It will blow your mind. :) in reply to Clarko #
  • Just shot a 5.5 gigapixel panoramic of the Hong Kong skyline as seen from Kowloon peninsula. Think I’ll wait till I get home to stitch it.  #
  • Lazy web: anyone know of a good antifog treatment that is safe for camera lenses & glasses both. Bonus points for something findable in HKG! #
  • I think I’ve lost ten pounds walking around today.  All water weight. Yeah, I’ve seriously sweat that much. Glad I packed proper clothes. #
  • Hong Kong climate is no where near as bad as people make it out to be. The only sucky part is walking out of buildings and instant fog over. #
  • Supremely awesome early dinner tonight. Makes the ramen place in Mnt View look like crap in comparison. #
  • @jamiei expensive? Huh? More like the exact opposite. I’ve spent less on food in the past day than one would spend at McDonalds in the US. in reply to jamiei #
  • .@cheesycons Surprised it took me all day long to find it, but now I’ve got some. NOM NOM! Jealous?  #

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