Twitter Updates for 2009-06-20
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  • Driving home from an utterly _amazing_ night. Very thankful I’ve got a very long flight coming up later today to catch back up on sleep with #
  • Lightest I’ve ever packed for a flight, especially international one. 26.5lbs checked, probably only another 20 or so in carryon. #
  • On board 747 to Hong Kong. I think this is my first time sitting upstairs but not positive. Gonna be a long flight, hope to sleep most of it #
  • Pro Tip: 200mb of data for $199 via AT&T if you get INTL data plan ahead of time. That’s a $3800 savings over normal roaming data charges. #
  • Brushing up on my German during the flight when I’m not sleeping. Should be fun relearning what I knew and more.  #

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