Twitter Updates for 2009-06-18
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  • iPhone 3G S cleared customs and is ready to head to California! Wonder if it will get delivered tomorrow or if UPS will sit on it till Fri  #
  • .@ThomasAtUPS figured that would happen knowing Apple, but thanks for the update. Awesome to see you guys updating people via Twitter! in reply to ThomasAtUPS #
  • @SteveStreza false rumor. I confirmed with a friend who works at UPS that mine cleared customs & guy from UPS is saying on Twitter it’s AAPL in reply to SteveStreza #
  • OMG! iPhone OS 3.0 allows you to delete SMSes 1×1 from the history with a person! So useful for msgs you don’t want accidentally seen later. #
  • 100% – 1 mile avg error – 333 seconds… Can you beat me? Wish the states were easier to “grab” w/ the mouse #
  • “This version of the iPhone software (3.0) is the current version.” – Yeah!! Don’t have to upgrade from the dev GM seed to release version. #
  • Big-ish album of photos taken with the iPhone 3G S is now up on my Flickr feed: (via @Ihnatko) #
  • For all you iPhone 3G owners who were bitching about not being able to upgrade to the 3G[S] for the reduced price: #
  • “carrier-testing” I hereby publicly profuse my deep admiration for your existence. Not that I “need” you, but man it’s awesome to have you. #
  • Just spent 5.5 hours straight on a call with 3rd party TV widget developers. After staying up all night last night, utterly wiped out now. #

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