Twitter Updates for 2009-06-16
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  • Got email that my iPhone 3GS shipped. If I remember CN geography correctly, I’ll be very near where it shipped from the day after it arrives #
  • @BrianHumphrey I agree! I feel this is only the beginning and many good things will come from continued gatherings of this sort. #crisiscamp in reply to BrianHumphrey #
  • Lazyweb: anyone know how to get both the iPhone and Entourage to stop deleting meeting invite emails after you act (accept/decline) on them? #
  • Missed Yoga tonight as I had a conference call I had to be on. Thinking about going for a run if I can get finished with this code soon. #
  • Freaking utterly amazing: Why can’t I ever be so lucky to see sights like that when I have a camera handy? #
  • Just read over a handful of other’s opinions of me. Out of ~33 some odd I skimmed, >25 used “passionate” to describe me. Hmm… Good thing? #
  • UPS Worldwide Express is 1-2 business day delivery from Asia. My iPhone 3G S left Shenzhen about 30 minutes ago. New iPhone before Friday!?! #
  • First test of “Find my iPhone” on my 3G via MobileMe. Seems to work pretty well! #

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