Twitter Updates for 2009-06-14
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  • Board almost completely full & T-minus 15m till 1st session at #crisiscamp. Copresenting a session w/ Microsoft & Google right off the bat #
  • @BrianHumphrey if you follow me I’ll send you my contact info via DM (p.s. I’m the Yahoo! guy at #crisiscamp) in reply to BrianHumphrey #
  • Very annoyed in the session I’m in currently. Several people “just don’t get it” ruining the experience. #crisiscamp #
  • People have a serious fascination of Zombies at #crisiscamp all the sudden. Seems to be a major conversation point now. #
  • @jessicapfund If you consider Zombie attacks as armageddon, sure. ;) OH: “We are being entirely too practical here” … #crisiscamp in reply to jessicapfund #
  • OH: “Come on, this is #lazycrisis. Can’t we harness the power from the static electricity in the blanket?” #crisiscamp #
  • OH: “Politics, religion, and sex. Yep, these are all appropriate conversation topics for this city.” #washingtondc #
  • Enjoying some Belgian nectar at Brickskeller. Supposedly this place has the largest selections of beers of any bar in the US so legend says. #

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