Twitter Updates for 2009-06-12
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  • I wish more people understood that every decision we make has consequences. There is no such thing as a harmless “just this once” decision #
  • @julie_anna glad you’re safe, but man I am jealous in a weird way. I’ve always had a huge love for storms, but not the bad after effects. :| in reply to julie_anna #
  • Really need to work on my presentation for #crisiscamp tonight but have too much work to get done before I leave tomorrow. #procrastination #
  • @csilv almost all normal cell phone towers can’t handle 3,000 people all actively using their phones at once, AT&T or not, so no surprise. in reply to csilv #
  • @csilv Towers can handle _far_ more SMS than they have available voice / data channels especially due to the nature of SMS and how it’s sent in reply to csilv #
  • Laundry going, stuff laid out ready to pack in suitcase, now if only a certain someone would return my DM I could leave the house. :| #
  • @cheesycons Nope, for Washington D.C. to speak at #crisiscamp this weekend. I don’t leave for Hong Kong until next weekend. in reply to cheesycons #
  • Of the 18 cities around the world I actively keep track of on my iPhone, there’s 2 I’m glad I’m not in, Austin and Abu Dhabi. 100+ deg F!  #
  • Playing a game of hide & seek with my bluetooth stereo headphones. Apparently Apple sent them a memo and told them to hide themselves good. #
  • Totally digging the audio quality with my Motorola BT820 headphones right now. Pretty badass considering phone is in the other room charging #
  • Ok, so either Apple’s AVRCP implementation is incomplete or the HT820 is incompatible for track changing (play/pause/volume works though) :( #

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