Twitter Updates for 2009-06-07
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  • Must be nice having the luxury of canceling people’s vacay flights w/ nothing but a refund. Unbelievable I can’t get anything for my trouble #
  • @stroughtonsmith wow. That’s a long ass line for the pre. Sure you’ll get one? in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • Photoshoot for a friend was a success! Even got a few shots of me too! Now time to run money back to the bank before they close. #
  • OH: “I’ve been a bank teller for 21 years and I’ve never had that much cash dropped on my counter before.” – her face was _so_ hilarious!! #
  • “spycam” shot of the bank teller counting the money dumbfounded by it all. Totally made her afternoon! #
  • @mdhughes Here’s a few photos I took of the “props” from the shoot I did today w/ a friend. Small amount of cash. ;) in reply to mdhughes #
  • Not the largest amount of paper currency I’ve ever had in my presence, but easily the most I’ve ever photographed… #
  • @ramsey Agree on both actors you mentioned. Love em both in most roles they’ve played in, including the movie your watching now. in reply to ramsey #
  • For all it’s faults (there’s _many_) the fact I can check my work email w/o VPNing and have a shared calendar make Exchange almost bearable #

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