Twitter Updates for 2009-06-05
Category: Twitter

  • Yawn! Early morning conference calls with Europe sure are painful for night owls like me. </whining> May I go back to sleep now? #
  • @Carlo Not exactly, but this sorta applies: ⚤ in reply to Carlo #
  • @Carlo Scary # of symbols in Unicode. Did you know there is a coffin, one for each of marriage, divorce, & DP, and TWO for transgender? WTF! in reply to Carlo #
  • Lack of sleep this week is really catching up with me this morning. Must find a way to motivate my body into moving as I have a meeting soon #
  • I think @grader is abusing the followers they got via Twitter Grader requesting it for more stats access. Unfollowed due to high noise lvl #
  • Very long trying day. Eating some comfort food and drinking some Belgium “heavenly necter” as a reward for staying calm and level headed. #

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