Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03
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  • @rckenned I use a similar setup to @Koblas on my slices, except with nginx and a patch on PHP to make fcgi even better. I’ll send you info in reply to rckenned #
  • /me does a happy happy joy joy dance! Github FI is released! Now must get a copy asap to check it out. FTW! #
  • Have to mentally keep reminding myself to leave earlier today so I can go by the bank. I love getting lotsa money but must it be as a check? #
  • @julie_anna I’m not TV free, but am cable free. I’ve found (legal) ways to replace virtually everything I watched before via online sources. in reply to julie_anna #
  • @rckenned saw that.  “well over the cost of [$200/month]” not surprising honestly and depending on how much over (<10x?) seems reasonable. in reply to rckenned #
  • Perforce ranges between $600-1,000 PER Dev PER year. IMHO, Github FI offers tremendously more value and I’m guessing it’s far cheaper too! #
  • Who would have thunk it’d be so hard to literally give away yummy cupcakes outside URLs. Come get some! #
  • Air raid like loud sirens coming from Moffet AFB / Lockhead. Wonder what’s going on. Glad I’m headed home either way. #

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