Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31
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  • Surprisingly enjoyable morning. Had a friend wake me up with one of his kids at 10am and spent the last two hours having a great chat. #
  • Standin out in the sun turning pink waiting on my car to be detailed, then off to Santana Row for new attire. Definitely a normal caturday  #
  • Ok. I’m officially retarded. I can not believe the price I just paid for a pair of jeans. Crap what was I thinking! #
  • Just passed the tollbridge on the 680 headed to Sacramento. Still behind schedule.  #
  • Having a beer with at @keville before walking back to Sac convention center. Anticipation of an awesome night building by the moment. #
  • Not the best venue, but any venue with Tiesto just inherently rocks all definitions of awesome! #
  • Was going to an after party or two tonight but am calling it a night instead and getting cosey with FCP. Yeah, geek blood flowing strong! #
  • Man, I really need to remove all photos I have on Flickr of @tychay’s ex Caitlan. Too many people desperately trying to find her to sue her. #
  • @elaisonlinetv your tweet makes no sense due to poor spelling, but if I grok it right your response indicates you don’t understand situation in reply to elaisonlinetv #

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