Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30
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  • IntDialog: What is that god awful incessant beeping noise coming from the other side of the room. Alarm clock? Oh. Make it stop! KTHXBAIBGON #
  • Haircut, check! Required follow up stop at Whole Foods, check! Back to office now to finish some work before pacific beer :30 hits. #
  • OH: “I’m ashamed i’ve got patents in my name.” #
  • Frustrated to now be sitting where I am (my living room) on a Friday night. Tired though, so might call it a night and get up early tomorrow #
  • Done sending a very long heart felt email to a dear friend. Now about to go read a new book I saw on another friend’s website on teh Kindle. #
  • The trouble with the Kindle is it’s far to damn easy to buy a new book even when you know you have over 100 you’ve started and not finished. #
  • @gstein I totally agree with you. Tao sucks horribly. Sadly, last time I was there with a group I think the tab was like something over $4k. in reply to gstein #
  • @SaraMG same here. I’ve got registered trademarks, but declined patents so far (might cave for the right idea but not found it yet, if ever) in reply to SaraMG #
  • Have a crazy impulsive desire to go ride a bike for some reason, but it’s 12am & this is only bike I got #
  • Doing my chaturangas tonight before bed, came up with the wild idea to try a mayurasana. My nose now really wishes I’d gave up trying sooner #

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