Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29
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  • @yaypie You do realize that QWERTY was intentionally designed to slow down people’s typing rates with old mechanical typewriters, right? in reply to yaypie #
  • @SaraMG Actually, I slightly misstated that. QWERTY was designed to slow down rate of consecutive mechanical arm movements on the same side. in reply to SaraMG #
  • IMHO, the best screen keyboard is the one which involves the least number of movements to type a word. QWERTY wasn’t created with that goal #
  • @yaypie That article is littered with so much hyperbole that my brain stopped reading. For the record, I wasn’t advocating Dvorak keyboards. in reply to yaypie #
  • @yaypie my (2nd) tweet is based on verified facts in the patent statement for the QWERTY layout and does so in far less words w/o hyperbole in reply to yaypie #
  • @thirdplacepro I think I clearly stated I wasn’t advocating Dvorak. I’m just stating that QWERTY doesn’t necessarily make sense onscreen in reply to thirdplacepro #
  • Annoyed whenever I walk by conference rooms late at night and see projectors left on. You’d think they could invent an auto poweroff feature #
  • Totally digging the concept of Wave. Between it and free Android phones, wish I had gone to IO this year after all. #
  • I’ll move beyond loving the “concept” of Wave into digging the “implementation” once someone dumps the browser and makes it a native OSX app #

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