Twitter Updates for 2009-05-26
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  • Planning on selling my 1st gen USB2 only Drobo. Anybody interested? Asking $250, but willing to consider any reasonable offers. #forsale #
  • @CalEvans Definitely old school. The oldest one I registered was in 1994 and I think the oldest one I still have was registered was in 96-97 in reply to CalEvans #
  • @BernadetteBalla I’d have to check stats to be sure, but I personally think I tweet a _lot_ more on weekends than I do during the week. in reply to BernadetteBalla #
  • This is utterly amazing to me for some reason Name another “smartphone” which allowed someone to create a TNY cover on it #
  • My first drawing using Brushes on my iPhone: .. Think it’s New Yorker cover worthy? #
  • What I wouldn’t give to be able to shoot video / photos at the location in this video and experience what these guys are: #
  • RT: all wedding videos should be this awesome! (via @pixelarchitect) … I couldn’t agree more. This video rocks! #
  • @thekarladam You realize you could run PHP on Google App Engine too, right? Python is great in ways, but no need to learn for that purpose. in reply to thekarladam #
  • @strebel I wouldn’t use that phrase to describe myself, but I am sure I can help with your question. What’s up? in reply to strebel #
  • @thekarladam Do a yahoo search on “quercus on app engine”. Plenty of posts from others on how to get started, but I will post my own soon. in reply to thekarladam #
  • @strebel Ping me via DM with an IM account of yours. Not something I can answer in a Tweet easily as it would involve to much back and forth in reply to strebel #
  • Not complaining, but how is it I still get so much traffic on posts I wrote in ‘07 on iPhone hacking? Aren’t there more relevant blogs now? #
  • Spent the better part of the evening reviewing contest entries. :( Played with a couple nice iPhone apps in the process too, so not all bad. #

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