Twitter Updates for 2009-05-25
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  • After an unexpected detour through Southy due to a routing error, now walking around at Harvard. Thinking about stopping in at Dunkin Donuts #
  • Not sure which plant / tree is giving off the smell walking along a path at MIT, but man I love it! #
  • @VxJasonxV for this weekend, yep! Beautiful weather and tons of history to soak up and enjoy. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @chwenz no worries, apparently easy to get confused as several have pinged me. Thanks for the thought! in reply to chwenz #
  • One heck of a thunderstorm now. Love Love Love it! One thing I miss living in California. #
  • Fixing to have oysters at a 183 year old restaraunt. Billed as the oldest restaraunt in America and is about a block from Faneuil Hall. #
  • Thank god oysters taste _so_ much better than they look or nobody in their right mind would ever eat them #
  • @ryankuder what time is the first act? I’m interested if I won’t miss much (plane lands back at SFO at 9:20pm) in reply to ryankuder #
  • @ryankuder what I was afraid of. Oh well! in reply to ryankuder #
  • The rain drops here are amazingly big. Like bucket splashes each one. Wish I could somehow capture it in a photo, but can’t, might try video #
  • Left my SPOT in the car, left my monopod at the ticketing counter, and left my backpack at security. WTF is up w/ my brain? #
  • Really sucks when you meet someone you’d really like to get to know better and you live on the other side of the country from her. #
  • On board flight back to SFO. Not happy about the canceled flight causing me to loose my first class seat but trying to make the best of it. #
  • Back in Cali. Short but rewarding trip. Not as exhausted as I thought I’d be, thankfully mastered the complicated art of sleeping on planes. #

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