Twitter Updates for 2009-05-19
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  • Wonder what the news was at 10am EST which caused the market to temporarily tank (almost recovered back to opening bell now for most stocks) #
  • It annoys me getting stray “J”s in emails from outlook users because of how it does smileys, so I’ve been fighting back lately with emoji :) #
  • @VxJasonxV emoji are just unicode characters you know. Take for instance the smiley , It’s just the following 4 bytes: ee 90 95 0a in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @fastest963 Wow, that is a pretty awesome resource. Definitely one to add to the toolbox for when I’m doing any future webdev work. in reply to fastest963 #
  • @gstein Wise choice if I do say so myself! Disappointed I didn’t get an invite though. :( in reply to gstein #
  • @izs I have to agree with @slicknet. I’ve fixed many a bug I couldn’t repro myself, but was filed with enough details to know what was wrong in reply to izs #
  • Tonight’s dinner ready to go in the oven. I know at least @nicke10mm will be jealous as he loves my family’s burrito casserole more than me #
  • @izs fair point in a somewhat convoluted way. in reply to izs #
  • @slicknet iPhone LTE edition… ;) in reply to slicknet #
  • @vlb hmmm…. your the second person today who said they tried that query… coincidence? in reply to vlb #
  • RT: … what the hell? that’s like an acid trip wrapped in a sugar high cuddled by cuteness. (via @ChadScott) #
  • Not impressed w/ Wolfram|Alpha. Simple query “what is the speed of light in free space” = FAIL. Yahoo! has best result (1st result shows #) #

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