Twitter Updates for 2009-05-15
Category: Twitter

  • Today was one of those days which reminds me why I love doing what I do and working with the team I work with. Wish all days were like this! #
  • Sure would be nice if PG&E could provide even semi-reliable power. Very annoying since one of my work machines fails to reboot automatically #
  • @omnivector The code is OS, why not use your Mac dev mojo and make it better. Pretty please! :P That said, I like Cornerstone over Versions. #
  • I’m signed on my work VPN (aka no local network access) & yet Time Machine is backing up to a network share. Things that make you go hmmm… #
  • Any freelance designers out the want to make me a good looking Wordpress theme? I’m willing to compensate well for high quality work. #

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