Twitter Updates for 2009-05-08
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  • I sent emails in Italian, French, Vietnamese, and Korean today. I feel like I should at least get a cookie or a gold star or something. :| #
  • Changed mind on going home. Anyone in south bay interested in grabbing a beer, wine, sake, <insert adult beverage> ? 1st round on me! #
  • Do officers have the legal right to block multiple lanes of traffic for an extended period ignoring others just to do a simple traffic stop? #
  • I’ve got 96lbs arriving Monday and 48lbs arriving tomorrow of stuff from Amazon. Gotta love that free 2 day air shipping! #amazonprime FTW! #
  • Anyone else find the filtering in the new Twitterrific rather pointless? #
  • @mantia I feel thats a failing of the overall UI design. I don’t want a single timeline for everything with gawdy colors (why I use Tweetie) #
  • For all the things Twitterrific 2.0 has going against it, here’s two features which look very useful: & #
  • @skylar With the amount of carbon offsets I buy every year, even with my Amazon shipments and all my traveling, I’m easily carbon neutral. #
  • @mantia A direct message is not a tweet to me. For popular peeps, a single timeline including all the mentions to them would be unmanageable #
  • Just went and recalculated my CO2 footprint. Car + Flights + Home = ~26,000lbs CO2/year. Might be time to re-evaluate why I offset 85k/year. #
  • @skylar I only picked “prime” not “2day”. They usually ship ground from Sparks, NV. Not my fault they only had what I ordered on east coast. #
  • Just had an email which reminds me why Github rocks so much. Now headed to bed to dream of the day when a badass project I work on is on it. #
  • While the PSD rant was funny, I totally agree w/ this analysis — Some thoughts about the PSD format … (via @stonecoker) #
  • @jhstrauss You need to ditch the beard, IMHO. Both at SXSW & at Y! today I found it impossible to recognize you until you walked up near me. #
  • @jhstrauss Depends on motive. ;) I can see equal arguments for either side. #
  • Insomnia tonight attempting to be cured by reading about and how it integrates with AWS. Just basic light bed time reading. ;) #
  • A coworker might have finally motivated me to write and submit one of my app ideas to the AppStore this weekend. Need pretty design 1st. Hmm #

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