Twitter Updates for 2009-04-30
Category: Twitter

  • Just finished helping a very dear friend pack up after being laid off today. Very emotional for me and I’m not usually a crying type person. #
  • I just saw something so insanely bizarre it caused me to slam on my brakes and throw my car in reverse to take a second look. #
  • Was a very old (Chinese?) man w/ a 3-4ft long white beard dressed in a black robe pushing himself in reverse in a wheelchair at a high speed #
  • Decided today justified eating comfort food for dinner again. How can you feel down after having eggs benedict? #
  • @chris_ramsay it’s utterly delicious, so no surprise. At least mine was homemade from scratch though. :) #
  • Every time a major situation occurs I am baffled that all government conference calls on it begin and end exactly the same and never change. #

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