Twitter Updates for 2009-04-26
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  • Freaking bad ass day of cruising. I’ve fallen in love with US 50 across Nevada. Almost to Utah in no time at all. #
  • Pro tip: if you see a sign for Earthquake Faults, don’t bother. Not worth the abuse to the car to get there. Petroglyphs however were kewl! #
  • Nevada scenic landmarks fail to mention on the highway sign you need SUV to get there. Poor tires took a lot of abuse, but still rolling! #
  • Pulling out all the stops racing against the sun to make it to Bonneville before sundown. Should be there in 15min. #
  • Bonneville is windy as ever today. Freaking cold wind too. Got some great pix, but iPhone ones sucked. #
  • Just rolled over 1,015 miles on this trek. In less than 24hrs (including sleep) I’ve drove the ~ same # miles that I normally do in 2 months #
  • @rckenned you go for a 1,500 mile 3 state weekend road trip by yourself. Gives you plenty of quality time with yourself to work things out. #
  • SPOT GPS tracking images of my road trip so far this weekend: Part #1 (mostly Fri) Part #2 (Sat) #
  • Just stopped to fill up with gas. Pretty impressed with the mpg considering I wasn’t driving “conservatively”. #
  • CA I80W is doing it’s damnedest to remind me why it’s so pathetically bad of a driving experience compared to either US50 or even I80 in NV. #

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