Twitter Updates for 2009-04-25
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  • Two Friday’s in a row where I was looking forward to a fun/productive weekend only to have someone crush my soul and void me of enthusiasm. #
  • @cheesycons I’ll call and warn the paramedics to be ready and on alert #
  • @julie_anna Does that mean you ended up spending a good chunk of cash? :D #
  • @julie_anna Highly jealous! You will be unstoppable now as nothing will be holding you back. #
  • Letting my wanderlust get the better of me and heading out on an road trip. Want to follow along in real-time via satellite? Ping me for URL #
  • Iridium, check. Satellite tracking device, check. R-BGAN terminal, check. Camera’s mounted on car, check. Looks like I’m ready to roll. Cya! #
  • Hello Truckee! Sure is cold here don’t you think? #
  • Bahh! It’s snowing now. Thankfully fixing to sleep soon. #
  • Seems like I won’t be able to make it to Ely w/o stopping and buying snow chains. Think I’m going to alter my travel plans a bit instead. #
  • Heading east. There was two inches of snow and slush on the ground at 4am and not a spot of moisture now. #
  • Randomly stumbled upon a Sonic drivein. Thankfully I hadn’t ate yet so of course I stopped in for a quick bite. #
  • Sonic Drivein. Didn’t realize they had many (any?) of these west of the Rockies. #
  • iPhone photos don’t do the area justice to how empty this area feels. It’s rather surreal and awesome. #

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