Twitter Updates for 2009-04-21
Category: Twitter

  • BigBird is missing one feature which I think will be a show-stopper for me right now. I must have the ability to follow in-reply-to to src. #
  • Ewww… Why does both Tweetie for iPhone and Tweetie for Mac have the same application name on Twitter. Booo! #
  • Tweetie for Mac review in <140c: Really amazing start but has enough issues I think I will continue using web from my PC until next version #
  • Tonight is one of those times I’d go for a long drive somewhere beautiful with the top down enjoying the weather if only I had a convertable #
  • The driving characteristics of my car changed dramatically after cramming the boot full of cases of soda. :| #
  • @thekarladam I could swear I tried that interaction method. #
  • Grass jelly w/ pearls from Fantasia. Yummy!!! #
  • @thekarladam How does one go back to where they were previously after viewing a conversation without using the mouse? #
  • @thekarladam I see why that didn’t work. If you click on anything (even single click) in the conversation view escape doesn’t do anything. #
  • Reliving old memories via Flickr #
  • @wisequark Might be tempting but I think the twitter drama would only increase exponentially then. #
  • @julie_anna I wish I knew. We seriously have to find a way to top that trip someday. It will be difficult, but I have faith we’ll find a way #
  • Just saw my first ad in Tweetie for Mac. Seriously non-intrusive. Only reason to spend $15 is to reward @atebits at this point it seems. #

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