Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19
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  • A 572hp twin turbo 5.0L V10 station wagon? Seriously? It’s a stock mass production car? You got to be kidding me! Impressive I guess Audi. #
  • Thinking about doing a sunrise video / photo shoot in eastern NV and/or UT tomorrow morning. Anybody up for a road trip? Promises to be fun! #
  • I need to find more friends who are into adventure and spontaneity. Seems many (certainly not all) of my current ones are the dead opposite. #
  • @boucher I saw your post saying IE is slower with the dot form of NSing, but does that also apply to SpiderMonkey? Curious if you’ve tested #
  • Trying to figure out how someone who just emailed me knows me. Face looks semi-familiar, but for the life of me can’t figure out when we met #
  • @csilv haha! Having libelous posts written about you on the Internet doesn’t make one a “celebrity” in my book. Public defamation != Stardom #
  • @boucher I guess you forgot since we last chat, I don’t write Javascript for browsers, but rather TVs. :D That’s why my question matters. #
  • Biggest annoyance to activating a replacement CC? Forcing them to just activate it and quit trying to sell me services I don’t need/want. #

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