Twitter Updates for 2009-04-18
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  • DxO Optics adds support for all the common lenses I use for shooting: – Took forever on the 50mm F/1.2L, but happy anyway! #
  • @thekarladam My brain ignored your Tweet. Buzzword overload caused a stack overflow. Please wait while application restarts back up. #
  • Attempting to clear the massive backlog of emails in my inbox. Killed 300 or so in an hour, at this rate I will be here till morning. :| #
  • @kentbrew I’m guessing using this: … Need to investigate as it sounds very interesting. #
  • Inbox down from just under 3,000 to 51. Was much easier the older the emails got (aka most were handled, just not moved from inbox). #
  • Woot! Made it to Taco Hell before they closed. Food now procured, time to head back to the office. #
  • The Bank of America iPhone app has came a long way since it’s 1st ver. I’d almost say it’s better than their normal site. /me tips hat to em #

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