Twitter Updates for 2009-04-17
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  • And another one bites the dust apparently. Just got an email about Jumpcut closing down. /me == sad #
  • @Arlo Would be nice, wouldn’t it? /me is really looking forward to the weekend. #
  • @SteveStreza I respectfully have to completely disagree. That’s a horrible usage of GOTO, IMHO. if( f1() && f2() && f3()) is correct there #
  • @Arlo The thing which sucks about pulling an all-nighter on a Thurs is that it sets up for a wasted weekend of sleeping or feeling like shit #
  • @boucher Kinda hard for us to use it considering it’s not out yet. I would be using it in a hot second if I had a copy of it. #
  • @spullara Goto is only really useful for language parsing & it excels there. I know others disagree, ahem @mdhughes, but I still stand firm #
  • Walking downstairs to my car to get my hammer drill, some galvanized pipe, and HD TV mounts from my trunk. Fun night ahead. :) #
  • After just mounting one of the Samsung’s at my desk, just realized it blocks the spot where a coworker usually stands to chat. :( #
  • @keville I swear it wasn’t. If it was blocking another spot where most other people usually stand, I am not sure I could truthfully deny it. #
  • Remodeling / cleaning complete. My cube certainly is much more organized & neat now. I can even see the top of my desk! #
  • @tychay Figures. Of course he fails to notice four ARE TVs NOT MONITORs. Why does someone need TVs@work? maybe? #
  • Curious how a company would save money by redistributing development prototype TVs which didn’t cost it anything to acquire in the 1st place #
  • @spullara Must be a slow day in the gossip rag world when a random engineer who writes software for TVs for a living is front page material. #
  • @thekarladam If you looked up fanboi in the dictionary, it would have your name. ObjC is snazzy, but Actionscript & it are apples to oranges #

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