Twitter Updates for 2009-04-15
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  • So annoying when a police officer is doing 10mph under the speed limit and everyone is too chicken shit to pass him. #
  • Finally took the time to read the BusinessWeek article this week on Yahoo! ConnectedTV. Partly wish I hadn’t. C’est La Vie. Arlo nation FTW! #
  • @bonforte “boss is an ass though” …. Seriously dude, you tell it straight… ;) haha! j/k #
  • Finally read the BusinessWeek article on Yahoo! Connected TV. Mixed feelings about it. C’est La Vie. #
  • @bgarlinghouse Depends on where you are. Many cities around KC on the KS side have it appropriately banned. #
  • Asked Grandfather what time to set alarm for. “6:30, so early?”. What time was he up (thus me up)? 5:45am. Small price 4 time w/ loved ones #

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