Twitter Updates for 2009-04-13
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  • @joshu Easily would pick GitHub over #
  • According to the thermostat it’s normal temp, but I swear it feels like it’s 90+ in here. Turned on the A/C to compensate, hoping it helps. #
  • @mdhughes Im ashamed to admit how many things on that list my team suffers from. It’s a real testiment to our ability that we still deliver #
  • According to the snazy looking WeightBot app on my iPhone I’ve lost a pretty good amount of weight this past week. It’s a basic but neat app #
  • @ahyes You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. Please don’t misconstrue merchant agreement policies w/ laws. #
  • Seriously thinking it’s time to start considering buying new bedroom furniture. Scary to think how old some of it is (like my dresser/bed). #
  • @ahyes Who said I made any mistakes? Don’t misconstrue anything I’ve said to me making a mistake. #
  • @thekarladam While I personally use that line a lot I’m not sure it applies in this case. There are extenuating fishy things about the story #
  • Packing up the laptop & ignoring the rest of my email until I get into the office. More than usual especially considering was Easter weekend #
  • @julie_anna Eating disorders are often caused by social issues. “Religion” likes to put it’s nose into social issues as if it’s not to blame #
  • @thekarladam If you are really offended, then you should speak with your loudest voice, the one of withholding your money from them. #
  • @ahyes There is a difference there. I think AV/iNET made a mistake, the point I was making is that _I_ didn’t make a mistake. Quit trolling! #
  • I’ve never blocked anyone yet on Twitter as I didn’t much see the point (public stream and all), beginning to reconsider that point of view. #
  • @defunkt Scary to think that Perl (#5) is more popular than PHP (#7) on GitHub. There are many sadistic people who like to punish themselves #
  • Twitter Poll: If you were forced to write code in either Perl or PHP and not any other language, which would you choose and why? #

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