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  • Trying to decide which of three new movies I want to watch tonight. I’d name them & let you all decide, but I’m afraid I would be ridiculed. #
  • @ahyes, aka ub3r ;) , me telling you who forced the situation back then wouldn’t change the fact it should have been changed since then. #
  • @spullara Scala was on my list too (pos 4), but remember, 140 characters man. ;) #
  • @spullara More complete list I am considering: Python, Ruby, ObjC, Scala, hAxe/Neko, Haskell, OCaml, Smalltalk, Lisp, assembly, Prolog, etc. #
  • @importantshock wow, biased much? PHP is faster than R1.8, nowhere near as bad as Perl overall, doesn’t shake a stick at C++ complexity … #
  • @importantshock If you need to read the manual for that, I now fully understand your biased comments about PHP. Stop now, PHP’s not for you! #
  • @mdhughes It’s a disgusting language. Most people I know who are experts in it agree. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the job done well. #
  • @importantshock No offense to my friends who were involved in writing it but Im sure most people would agree PHP was never “designed” at all #
  • @importantshock Have you not had much experience with weak dynamically typed languages? PHP didn’t invent the comparison logic in that chart #
  • “Comp Science snobs always look down their noses at PHP but like any lang – by appreciating it’s weaknesses you can work round them” @jamiei #
  • @importantshock Myself & 2 others wrote in PHP a large feature rich site with more daily traffic than Y! homepage w/ far less servers [1/2] #
  • @importantshock … is PHP a “dirty” language academically, sure few would disagree, but it gets the job done and that’s what matters. [2/2] #
  • @KennethReitz a learning experiment ;) … Some disagree, but I think every dev should attempt to learn a new language every year or two. #
  • @KennethReitz You’d be surprised how much better a dev you can become by learning a new lang from time to time. More tools for the toolbox #
  • @someToast If you include work machines, I think I can top that stack, but man that is one hell of a stack of Apple yumminess (well, mostly) #
  • “Happy egg bunny spring equinox, kids! Remember, all you need to know about Easter was best said by Eddie Izzard” (via @a) #
  • @thekarladam 1) You know the answer to that as you know what Y! property I am talking about if you think for a moment. :) 2) Both I think #
  • @importantshock Python and Ruby are strong/dynamic, not weak/dynamic so it’s not surprising. Can’t compare Apples to Oranges. #
  • @importantshock Also your comment about “no other” is mostly correct, because there are hardly any weak/dynamic typed langs (Perl/PHP/JS/??) #
  • RT: “Nice place where you can announce your free Mac/iPhone Libraries/Source code” (via @CocoaSamurai) #
  • @importantshock I look at things like this: and cringe personally. PHP is more sane than Ruby there, IMHO. #
  • @mdhughes Same rule of thumb applies in PHP too. Trusting == over === is foolish in weakly typed languages if the type matters to you. #
  • Has anybody ever played with before? Seems pretty interesting & definitely a fun weekend project component I’d bet #
  • @mdhughes Not sure I agree with that premise, but either way, most of JS’s “flaws” for large apps is fixed with their extended feature set. #
  • I’m having a severe issue this weekend with using the correct plurality of “to be” among other verbs. I swear I know proper grammar! :D #
  • @mdhughes That’s a gross generalization. Proper engineering principals apply to any large project whether it’s dynamicly or staticly typed. #
  • @mdhughes I’d argue proper unit tests + a good IDE w/ refactoring support would overcome any issues per KLOC caused by the lang’s type style #
  • @thekarladam I would have went had I lived in the city. Find me a nice place I can move into for an affordable price. Mmm K? #
  • I’ve not accomplished anything productive today. I must find a way to get myself back feeling well again as this sick shit is for the birds! #
  • @basictheory I’m sure it’s purely coincidental, but man, I agree, it’s oddly good at finding stuff which matches near perfectly. #
  • @al3x Twitter’s API? /me ducks ….. obviously kidding ;) #

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