Twitter Updates for 2009-04-11
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  • You know it’s pretty sad when my AT&T HSDPA USB modem has faster upstream than my home DSL and I have the highest class DSL I can buy. #
  • Just uploaded a binary non-compressible file over SSH to Dreamhost of all places and averaged 1052kbps w/ a 15mb upload over AT&T 3G! #
  • @coates looks like it to me #
  • @yaypie I’ve never understood why many sites think it’s “user friendly” to send emails to me w/ link to their site so I can read a message #
  • @evilcindy That sounds insanely good right now. Wish I was in SF. We can’t get things like that here down south at this hour. #
  • Prepping to teach class in East Palo Alto. Isn’t that what everyone does this early in the morning on a Saturday? #
  • Just saw photos of a friend taken by a photog many think highly of. To me the photos look like ass & not sure how to provide that feedback #
  • I’m not saying I could do better (not a style of photos I really do), but I would expect better of someone like him with such a following. #
  • Looking for a new programming lang to become really good at for fun. Leaning towards Python or Ruby (not Rails). Any recommendations & why? #
  • @mdhughes I’m leaning towards it, but I am afraid I won’t learn much “new concepts” from it, like I would w/ say ObjC or Smalltalk or … #
  • Need to clean house today, but finding every excuse possible to avoid it. #

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