Twitter Updates for 2009-04-10
Category: Twitter

  • I miss the days when I didn’t give a crap how someone interpreted my emails. Paying attention to how something comes off is such hard work. #
  • @thekarladam Yeah, I’ve read your “natural” email style. I can imagine that would be a full-time job for you like it is for me now too. :) #
  • With my mouse battery dead, I’m reminded why I stopped using my Wacom tablet. 4×6″ drawing surface w/ 5760×1200 desktop = FAIL Need bigger! #
  • RT: Wall Street Journal: Tracking an Ancient Belgian Beer — interesting article on a great type of beer (via @a/@beer47) #
  • @iTod now this I gotta see. You in today so I can stop by your desk later? #
  • My Linux box is really hating me right about now. Diffing two 145mb text files isn’t hard work now is it poor thing? #

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