Twitter Updates for 2009-04-08
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  • Made much better time than expected into the city. Walking to Minna street now for #sfbeta. You all should come! #
  • Getting a lot of comments at #SFBeta about my camera setup. Nobody’s ever seen a dSLR with a Rode stereo mic and Qzlux hot light before. #
  • Best semi-compact 1080p HD setup I’ve ever used. Working fantastically for event videos / photos tonight! #
  • Feels wrong to come to the city and not have a beer with my usual friends but oh well I guess. Everyone is busy so heading to east bay. #
  • Picked the winning horse two races in a row. Now if only I had bet to win and not to place. C’est la vie #
  • Good thing I’m not betting much. I might have picked the winning horse in the 1st two races but I picked the dead last one the following two #
  • Glad I brought my Wipipe with me today. When logged into VPN, I lose 3G after 2m on my Mercury, but using the Wipipe, connection stays fine. #

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