Twitter Updates for 2009-04-06
Category: Twitter

  • Sometimes when viewing awesome webdev stuff I get a since of excitement, then I snap back to my senses & remember I hate browsers. CTV FTW! #
  • This is well past the TMI line, but I if I had collected up all the snot I’ve blown out my nose in the past week it would fill a gallon jug. #
  • Reason #33,195 why being single sucks: When you get a cut in the center of your back (dont ask), its near impossible to self apply a bandage #
  • I should note, there are probably equal # of reasons why being single doesn’t suck, that’s just one for the does suck list. #
  • Own a Mac and want to get some good software at a cheap price? #
  • Dreaming of the day my body reprioritizes mucas production down below every other thing it does. This is just beyond acceptable! #
  • I feel like all I’ve done today is prove bugs aren’t mine and belong to others. That’s a productive day, yes? Yeah, I didn’t think so either #

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