Twitter Updates for 2009-04-03
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  • @BernadetteBalla #
  • Does it make me any less a human that I am willing to sell my Twitter feed for 60 seconds to @MacHeist so I can get free OSX apps? #
  • I think it took only slightly longer to download iPhone SDK 3.0b2 + OS images from the net than it took to _copy_ them to my Drobo aka Slobo #
  • Was planning to go home early tonight but decided to stay and jump on a conference call with Korea instead. Should be fun. :) #
  • @julie_anna EEK! My sympathies. #
  • This will be my first of probably many future tweets made from a TV running a kickass Twitter widget. #
  • @kentbrew I answered that Q for u in detail when u asked me in person. Is Netflix going to be available on ‘07/08 LG TVs as well as 2009? ;) #
  • Eating dinner at a late night greasy spoon trying to find a way to convince my body to stay awake for three more hours. It’s ignoring me! ? #
  • Is it just me or does the intelligence level exhibited by @TechCrunch blog commentors in general really scrape the bottom of the barrel? #
  • Why do people not delete the MacHeist post from their streams after claiming the software? Ignorance, proud of the tweet, apethy, or ???? #
  • Reelly, I do know how to spell. No reelly! Tweetie just likes to rendomly send messeges today while I’m inline editing fixing E’s to A’s. #
  • Many days I feel like my life takes place on the set of Office Space. Wish I could say today wasn’t one of those days, but I would be a lier #

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