Twitter Updates for 2009-04-01
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  • Took me all of five minutes to get console access on a production Samsung TV. Of course I know secrets, but I still feel damn hackmasterish! #
  • Man, cold is making it hard to keep pushing, but so many (exciting) things to work on it’s hard to relax. #
  • Are companies really on a hiring spree again? I’m getting _hardcore_ full court press from all angles by recruiters the past few weeks! #
  • You know it’s either been a awesome or a very stressful day when you end it with tequila shots with coworkers. Sadly today was the later. #
  • I should also clarify, the reason for the stressful day was that today was my last day at Yahoo. Wrapping stuff up was harder than I thought #
  • I think I’m going to do all my domain registrations via @godaddy’s mobile site. Immensely better user experience and so quick and painless! #
  • You would’nt believe the number of recruiters who’ve contacted me today already asking if my joke last night was real or just April Fools :$ #
  • @thekarladam guess you’ve never written a language parser or a complex state machine. I agree goto is abused, but that doesn’t make it “bad” #
  • @mdhughes never once said it was necessary, just that’s one of the few instances where I feel using goto is acceptable and maybe even wise. #
  • @mdhughes I’m not a fan of goto, but I’m also not a prude who thinks just because something can be abused / misused that it should be banned #
  • @mdhughes I couldn’t agree more, but just because you & I have seen it misused numerous times doesn’t discredit valid good uses I’ve seen #
  • @mdhughes many people believe in speed limits. My car easily allows me to abuse them. Should it be banned based on mine and other’s misuse? #
  • @mdhughes That depends on your state. There are states which have zero tolerance for speeding with no exceptions for civilians. #

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