Twitter Updates for 2009-03-30
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  • I just bought me a couple kickass domains. Now I need to decide what to do with them. My favorite domain I bought today: ?.sh #
  • (.sh TLD maintainer) apparently is stuck in ‘99 & does twice daily zone file updates. At least they don’t use email templates I guess #
  • What’s special/unusual about this phrase? “I glimpsed the sixth dangerous angry wolf transfer a citrus, olive, almond, and pork sandwich.” #
  • Draw back to cooking a dinner which takes a long time to bake? You must smell it cooking and still find a way to let it cook. #
  • @beautifulthangs Was it Yongsan Market where you bought your camera? Too funny! That’s where I picked up my current camera too. #
  • Supreme yumminess if I do say… and there’s enough for two!! Hmmm… n/m #
  • @AcmePhoto depends. If your wanting the best glazed donut ever created, Krispy Kreme by far. If you like variety and less sugar, go Duncan. #
  • I’m already a bad speller when typing short messages (laziness rather than not actually knowing), but the iPhone autocorrect makes me worse. #
  • Lymph nodes swollen, nose running like crazy, stomach pain, yeah I’ve got something. Now to decide if I WFH or risk others getting sick too. #
  • Can I still say I have SxSARS if no symptoms appear for a week after getting back from #sxsw, or is this just a “Cali cold” teasing me? #
  • Think I just felt a minor quake. #
  • Yep! I did. #
  • @basictheory Yahoo! buildings (well, main campus anyway) are so insanely protected against an earthquake it’s unreal (comparatively). #
  • Bah! All this twitter noise and it’s only a 4.4 according to USGS. I’d thought I had felt much bigger even in NorCal and seems I was right. #
  • RT “What travels faster, the propagation wave from a Silicon Valley earthquake or the news about the earthquake on Twitter?” (via @mikeysan) #
  • @akumar Yeah. Apparently the stockholders weren’t intelligent enough to do it years ago. That’s the most FUBAR part of it all, IMHO. #

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